When I was a little girl, my Dad would take me down to his “pier” as he would call it.  He was a waterfront hiring boss in New Jersey.  He would teach me about all the great container ships, tug boats and the cranes that dominated the ports.  My favorite memories with my Dad were these waterfront moments.  Always gazing out onto his favorite view, the piers along the Hudson River.   I had a crazy imagination as a kid and developed a love of container ships and created an imaginary ship of my own.  The SS Posie Hudson.  Ok, so back then I pretended our coffee table was my ship and filled it with my Barbie dolls and My Little Pony’s etc… but … now, decades later, the concept of a container ship has become a symbol of myself.  The heart of a container ship is it’s ability to carry tons of cargo, sail on the roughest seas and still manage to stay afloat and forge ahead.  Of course, my life’s cargo is filled with stories both great and heartbreaking but my anchor is this… I survived and navigated with my sense of humor, unwavering faith and a boat load of sarcasm to cope.    I’m the captain of my ship, plotting my own crazy course among seas both storm raged and calm and fun in between.  Welcome aboard. I hope to inspire you and make you laugh… and ps … don’t mind the F bombs and my countless references to 80’s films.