All Aboard the “Trainership”

But first… a love letter…

Dear Sneakers,SNEAKERS

We met in the Westwood Marshalls.  You were there … on the clearance shelf… marked down to $34.99.  You were waiting for me.  I could feel it.  I looked past those other sneakers and their memory foam insoles and as if a bright light shone on you from up above.  You glowed…. And there I stood praying in front of those disheveled boxes that I would see those numbers…EIGHT POINT FIVE…. 8.5 RIGHT THERE  …  first box on the top.  Only ones left in my size…a perfect match.  I didn’t even try you on.  I knew.  We were about to begin a very difficult and rewarding journey together … and so we did … and we never looked back.  I want to thank you for your support and the way you carried me.  Those early days of training where I was so scared I would stay up at night wondering what jackass maneuvers I would do or what klutz filled chaos would ensue the minute I stepped on a treadmill or better yet … an ELYPTICAL machine.  Those times where I thought I would pee my pants after drinking boat loads of water and barely making it to the bathroom after my drive to the gym.  You floated me right through to the bathroom without fail.  You were with me the whole way.  You were there.  You comforted my feet and at times yes.. I think you even walked for me. Actually, I’m certain of it.   You have never left my side… and I love you.

Ok yes… I’m not cracked in the head… you just read a love letter to a pair of shoes.  But you know what?   they friggin’ deserve it.  Why?  Because when I first started working out with it was ME and My Trainer and MY FEET … and my trainer John said those first phrases to me that became the mantra of my mission…

“one step at a time… one foot in front of the other”.

My sneakers took on an actual personality as my “sidekicks” no pun intended….well… lol they were more like the great Mick in Rocky “Get up you son of a bitch!” they would shout if they could.  I will always keep these sneakers close to my heart.   While I’ve moved on to a new pair. I keep them right next to my desk as a reminder of how far I’ve traveled in my training.  I owe them so much.


Trainership…   The ship that saved me.

There is one thing I know in my core is this.  I could not have lost 125 pounds without having a personal trainer. Everyone is different, everyone has to plot their own course but for me, after trying every plan and scam, the solution for me is truly having a trainer.    I’ve often questioned this fact asking myself “how is it that I have more loyalty to a person I’ve just met than to relatives and loved ones that have been trying to reach me and support me for years in my attempts at weight loss?”…  The answer is complex but I’m confident that I know the secret.  It’s a concept called Trainership.  Trainership to me is the combining forces of Mentorship, Friendship and Partnership.  Yes friendship… how can you not become friends with a person who is going to help you change your life? What is the one thing a great friendship needs to thrive?  HONESTY.   Mentorship solidifies the bond of teacher to student because after all, this is a learning process… critical in this journey for me…because I had ZERO clue what the fuck  I was doing (see future blog…Klutz Walks Into The Gym…lol)   Partnership is the tunnel that connects loyalty to dedication.  If you commit to being dedicated to the process your trainer creates for you than you are in total allegiance with your trainer and that is a recipe for ultimate success.  From the very beginning of my journey with John, I knew, no bullshit excuses were ever possible because he would see right through them.  There was no hiding so I was fully exposed.  Also, I couldn’t shake the fear that I would disappoint him.  That fear kept me from eating crap not on the plan he gave me.  The fear that anything less than 100% effort on my part would be a major time waster for both of us.    Again, why would I have a mega supply of respect and loyalty for a person I just met? I’ve had relatives beg me over the years to stick to a plan……hundreds of broken promises and attempts… the answer was finally clear.  I was never ready to commit to the process…. but when you are finally ready to commit to the lifestyle and meet the person who will help get you there you know you are in the presence of greatness.   The timing was perfect.  I was given an opportunity to be on board one of the greatest Trainerships that existed.  John became my Captain…eventually leading me to BE my own captain.    An outstanding personal trainer is a person who dedicates their life and time to helping others improve their lives and attain their personal best on their fitness journey.   They have the right balance of discipline and heart.  The trainers that truly go above and beyond are like having your own Mr. Miyagi.  When the skills they teach you can be applied to life in general.  It is a rare gift.  They are a special breed of angels I think. I know mine is.  He saved me.  The real truth is the process taught me how to save myself.

If you choose this path to fitness, know this…a fully functioning Trainership runs on two fuel sources:  HONESTY and TRUST.  IF you are not honest with your trainer your ship is doomed and your goals will never be fully realized.    You absolutely have to be an open book.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time, money and energy.  Be honest with yourself.  Be honest with your trainer.  TRUST.  You absolutely must trust your trainer.  Every ounce of wisdom they bestow on you.  Trust it.  Follow it.  Embrace it.  Even when you think that they are insane… you must trust them.  When they tell you 5 more reps when you already forgot your name and feel like you peed your pants, trust them and push forward.  When they tell you to add something to your meal plan that may confuse you …just shut up about it and follow their instructions.  Let them lead you and soon you will lead yourself.