Thank God for Elizabeth Gilbert.  The same week I began my blog and poured out my first entry with brutal truth, I picked up her new book, Big Magic.  The timing of my purchase was not only perfect but lifesaving.  Days following my blog launch I experienced a paralyzing fear flu.  It crept into my brain like a gut launching stomach flu that consumes households with school aged kids in winter.  I tried to mask it with the “time management” excuses and “I’m planning my posts” etc. anytime I was asked by friends and followers…but I was full of shit.   The simple truth is that I’ve been scared out of my mind.  How do I go from unabashedly sharing details from the darkest rooms of my heart to feeling timid about writing my next entry? It was all fear.   So, I read.  I read Elizabeth’s words like a devout apostle and the clarity of her truth about fear calmed me.  Fear is a fucked up thing.  But it is a necessary thing.  To be creative in whatever realm we desire we have no choice but to conjure up the courage for our passions to coexist with our greatest fears.   There is really no way to navigate around those fear storms.  You have to sail through them to slay them.    So I choose to slay them.  You should too.phbigmagic